American Kestrels Live From Wisconsin!


Watch America's smallest falcons attempt to raise four chicks in a nest box.

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July 14, 2018

American Kestrel Chick Fledges!

One of the American Kestrel chicks fledged first thing this morning! Watch one of the younger male chicks take his first flight at 6:05 AM on July 14. At least one male chick remains in the nest after two chicks likely fledged sometime on July 13. 

July 14, 2018

Last Kestrel Chick Takes Flight From The Nesting Box!

Nearly five hours after its sibling left the box at 6:05 AM, the final American Kestrel chick took wing at 11:44 AM and joined its siblings in the wild world outside of the nesting box! All four chicks have now fledged, and the nesting box is empty. The age of the chicks at fledging ranged from 26–29 days post-hatch. Thanks to our partners at the Raptor Resource Project and to everyone for watching and learning along with us as these tiny falcons grew from fluffballs to fledglings. Good luck out there little ones!  

July 13, 2018

Louis Swoops In From Afar With Half-eaten Fish

Watch Louis make a grand delivery from a faraway power pole (with an Eastern Kingbird in tow) as Iris calls him in.