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The WBU Barred Owls are incubating two eggs and hooting up a storm. Listen in and watch!

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April 20, 2015

No Nesting Activity—Working on New Cam

We are still working on a new cam solution for the pond this Spring. A single heron (the male from past years) has been hanging around on the pond and foraging, but no nesting behavior has been observed. Possibly by the end of this week, we'll have a new live feed up and running. Stay tuned! 

April 20, 2015

Six Eggs, Looking Good

Dottie (the female Barn Owl) stands up to stretch and reveals the six eggs she's been fastidiously incubating. Earlier today, a female Wood Duck was spotted perched on the roof of the box, too! Click "More" to view. 

April 20, 2015

Wood Duck Pair Visits the Texas Barn Owls

Early in the morning of April 20, 2015, a pair of Wood Ducks investigated the Texas Barn Owls' box. The female owl responded with a series of aggressive reactions that resulted in the ducks departing.  

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