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Latest News

February 28, 2015

Mystery Screams Heard

The screams are that of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Click 'More...' to check out a YouTube video of a red fox screaming to see if it sounds similar (you might want to turn your sound down). This could be an adult female fox (vixen) calling or pups.  

February 27, 2015

Mom Away for Longer Periods

We have noticed that Mom has now started spending longer periods of time away from the nest. This is normal behavior that we have been expecting. Mom will most likely start contributing towards the hunting effort which has mainly been down to Dad until this point. The young will eat more as they get bigger so therefore the larder must remain fully stocked. Thanks again to Bird Cams viewer hikerbikergram for the great video, expertly edited! 

February 26, 2015

Kala'i Receives Another Feeding

We believe Malumalu departed nest 1 and Niau around 7PM the previous night, but it looks like Ala may have stuck around over night, feeding nestling Kala'i at nest 2 in the early morning, just before sunrise. 

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