California Condors Raise Their Chick In Pole Canyon!


Transport to Southern California and watch a family of endangered condors journey through the breeding season.

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July 16, 2019

Adult Dusky-faced Tanager Feeds Fledgling At Mixed Tanager Buffet

Dusky-faced Tanagers join in a mixed species buffet and an adult responds to a fledgling's begging. Other tanagers in attendance include the: Crimson-backed Tanager, Flame-rumped Tanager and Blue-gray Tanager.  

July 16, 2019

Cornell Hawk "I3" Drops In For Long Visit, Wrestles With Sticks, And Glides Away

Red-tailed Hawk fledgling "I3" drops by for a long visit full of activity. Watch the young hawk drop onto the light tower railing, wrestle with sticks, spout a few hearty vocalizations, and take off with the confidence of a seasoned flier.  

July 16, 2019

AMAZING Dive And Glide By Red-tailed Hawk Fledgling

The Red-tailed Hawk fledglings have certainly been working on honing their flying skills! Watch I3 confidently dive off of the nest platform. While rocketing towards the ground, the bird opens its wings and glides effortlessly out of frame. Raptors will often use a diving technique called "stooping" when hunting for prey. After spotting a small bird or mammal, the raptor will dive nearly straight down, pulling in its wings to increase speed. This rapid descent allows the raptor to surprise its prey and increases the force of the blow when the raptor hits the animal.