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October 23, 2014

Huge Red-winged Blackbird Flock Visits Pond

Populations in Canada and north U.S. migrate to southern States during the fall. Most populations do not begin migrating until October, but some (e.g., from west Canada) begin moving in August and September. They will generally migrate in flocks during the day. The males migrate before the females in the spring and after the females in the fall. The majority of this particular flock look to be male. 

October 22, 2014

Silently Sleeping

Watch our Barn Owl parents as they nap quietly together in the nest box. As they relax the center parting of their facial disk, above the beak, opens. 

October 22, 2014

Last Sighting of a Great Blue Heron this Year?

Could we have seen our last sighting of a Great Blue Heron on Sapsucker Woods Pond for the rest of the year? Up until October 19 we were seeing herons on the pond pretty much daily, however we have now not seen a heron for 3 days. Southward migration occurs from northern localities from mid-September to late October. Christmas Bird Count data show large numbers winter in the southeast U.S. Great Blue Herons migrate alone or in groups of 3 to 12, occasionally up to 100, traveling both day and night. 

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