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October 27, 2016

Red-tailed Hawk Tousles Up Savannah Nest

This curious juvenile Red-tailed hawk marks the first raptor to visit the Savannah nest since it was struck by Hurricane Matthew. Let's hope it's a sign of things to come! 

October 26, 2016

Blue Jays Get Their Fill at the Cornell Feeders

Do you ever wonder how the Blue Jays that visit the Cornell FeederWatch Cam keep picking up seeds until they are bulging at the throat? Blue Jays are able to store away this extra food in their upper throat and gular pouch – an area of the esophagus that becomes distended when filled with seeds.  

October 25, 2016

American Black Ducks Hang by the Shore

In this clip, two American Black Ducks hang around the shoreline of the Sapsucker Woods Pond. American Black Ducks are often confused with female Mallards but have darker bodies overall. One quick way to distinguish them is by the purple patch on their speculum (i.e. secondary feathers). American Black Ducks don't have white stripes bordering this patch – Mallards do.