• Four American Kestrel Chicks Hatch!

Savannah Osprey Nestlings Grow Up!


Watch the adult Ospreys work hard to raise three healthy chicks in Skidaway Island, Georgia.

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May 23, 2019

Gray Catbird Highlights Early-Morning Visitors At Cornell Feeders

Another spring migrant made a visit to the Cornell Lab FeederWatch cam this morning. The Gray Catbird might be an infrequent visitor to the cam, but they are easy to find if you know where to look (or listen). Once you’ve heard its catty mew you won’t forget it. Follow the sound into thickets and vine tangles and you’ll be rewarded by a somber gray bird with a black cap and bright rusty feathers under the tail. 

May 23, 2019

Osprey Chick Plays Tug-O-War With Female Over Fish Delivery

Watch one of the chicks attempt to claim an early-morning fish delivery for itself at the Savannah nest. After a short tugging match, the female puts a stop to it and begins to divvy up breakfast to her nestlings. Now that they are all around 40 days old, the three chicks will begin to feed on their own, taking prey from the male as he lands at the nest or from the female after she has fed. 

May 22, 2019

Four American Kestrel Chicks Hatch!

The parents on the Wisconsin Kestrel cam have their talons full now that four of their five eggs have hatched! On day 33 of incubation, the first chick was revealed at around 4:40 PM nest time on May 21 before a second chick hatched later in the evening. On the morning of May 22, the adults welcomed two more hungry hatchlings fresh out of the shell. Thanks to our partners at the Raptor Resource Project for helping to share this look inside the lives of North America's littlest falcon!