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May 05, 2015

Feeding Time for Three Hungry Barn Owl Chicks

When the owlets first hatch the female feeds the young. Prey is torn into small pieces and given to the young bill to bill. In the first few days young are fed regularly. The owlets will eventually be able to swallow prey whole by about two weeks, then adults merely deliver prey to the nest and depart. 

May 04, 2015

First Nestling of 2015! (Video Highlight)

The first egg hatched early this morning at the Cornell Red-tailed Hawk nest, and morning light allowed us a few beautiful glimpses of the nestling as Big Red (the female) leaves and Ezra (the male) takes over the next shift. 

May 03, 2015

First Hatch Nears For Cornell Hawks

In this highlight, Ezra stands to reveal the eggs beneath him, with one large pip displaying the moving bill of the hatchling within. 

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