Barred Owls Are Back!


Watch the Barred Owls raise their young in the forests of rural Indiana.

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April 19, 2018

Morning After Egg #2 Hatches, Two Chicks Stay Well Fed In Savannah

After a fish is delivered by the male, the female Osprey begins parceling out breakfast into the waiting mouths of her two chicks. 

April 19, 2018

Male Lance-tailed Manakins Team Up In Courtship Display

Check out this dizzying courtship display from the male alpha-beta pair on cam. Did you know that the Lance-tailed Manakins' courtship display includes both solo and paired male displays, including up to eleven unique display elements? That's quite the repertoire!  

April 19, 2018

Great Species Diversity On Panama Fruit Feeder Cam

Multiple species of honeycreepers, tanagers, and a Baltimore Oriole highlight some of the diverse visitors on the Panama Fruit Feeder cam in this clip.