Hummingbirds Are Back In West Texas!


Watch over a dozen species of hummingbirds swirl around the feeder in the Davis Mountains.

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May 21, 2018

Big Red Eats A Starling On Cornell Hawks Cam

Big Red provides a good example of how an adult Red-tailed Hawk typically consumes the birds they catch as prey. Whereas small mammals are often swallowed whole, birds are generally beheaded, plucked, and eaten.  

May 21, 2018

Osprey Chick Self-feeds In Nest For First Time!

It's time to check off another developmental milestone for the Osprey chick in the Savannah nest! Here, the chick can be seen making its first attempt at self-feeding, using its sharply hooked bill to tear away tiny bits of a half-eaten fish that was brought to the nest. This behavior is typically observed at around 40 days post hatch (the chick is 36 days old), and we should expect to see the chick start taking fish directly from parents and feeding on its own as the nestling period progresses.  

May 18, 2018

Sunny Gets Close To The Camera

Only a couple of weeks remain until Sunny heads out to sea! The young Bermuda Petrel has likely reached his peak mass of over 400 grams and is now slimming down (334 grams at most recent health check) before fledging. Here, he shows off just how much down has sloughed away in his transformation into a handsome juvenile.