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October 27, 2014

Ezra Visits Nest

A surprise visit from our Red-tailed Hawk Dad Ezra at 8:00AM, a wonderful way to start the week! 

October 26, 2014

Two Flying Squirrels Visit the Feeders

We have all seen the grey and red squirrels visiting the Cornell Lab feeders, but two flying squirrels is rather special.  

October 26, 2014

Gray Jay and Blue Jay Face-off

Territorial Gray Jays in mild interactions, crouch, then fly towards an intruder, supplanting it from its perch, as we see in this clip. The process is typically repeated until the intruder leaves or energetic aerial pursuit develops. The pursuer may snap their bill, but rarely strikes the intruder, or birds grapple face to face with interlocking claws and tumble on the ground. A Gray Jay standing on food may react to the approach of a subordinate nonbreeder or a Blue Jay by extending its lowered head and running at the other bird, in this case the Gray Jay lowers its wings, puffs up its feathers and flies towards the intruder. Thanks to ellyk for the great video. 

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