The Kauai Albatrosses are back!


Another season on the Garden Island begins.

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February 21, 2017

Species Diversity at the Cornell Feeders

A host of species has visited the Cornell Lab FeederWatch Cam this morning. How many can you identfy? 

February 21, 2017

Morning Feeding on the Pond

Ducks and geese race to breakfast on the pond's edge. 

February 20, 2017

Nest Check Reveals Female Cahow is Back in the Burrow

A Monday morning nest check by Senior Terrestrial Conservation Officer, Jeremy Madeiros, reveals that the female Bermuda Petrel has returned to the burrow! The well-fed cahow is assumed to have taken over incubation duties on Saturday, February 18 after two weeks away from the egg. Now it's the male's turn to replenish his energy stores by feasting on the squid and pelagic shrimp of the Atlantic.