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Barn Owls Are Fledging!


So far, three owlets have left the box, then returned. When will the fourth step outside? Watch Cam

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July 06, 2015

Youngest Owlet Almost Branched

The youngest owlet, that many viewers have called Ollie, almost branched just before sunrise. Gripping the nest box entrance hole with both feet, but not quite taking the first step out of the box. Will we see the juvenile branch soon? We think so. 

July 06, 2015

Niaulani Fledged (video highlight)

In this handheld video taken by the property owners on the island of Kauai, Niaulani takes her first flight furiously flapping to find a new world of fish and squid. Niau fledged about 156 days post-hatch, and will spend the next 3--5 years traveling the open oceans before returning to land.  

July 04, 2015

Third Youngest Owlet Fledged (video highlights)

The third youngest owlet flew for the first time just after sun down. The two oldest owls have been flying around the roof of the open air pavilion and in this clip the third youngest joined its siblings for the first time. Taking off from the roof of the box and returning in a less graceful manner.  

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