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Arctic Views of Snowy Owls From Barrow, AK

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July 31, 2014

Snowy Owl Cam Closing Today

As the Snowy Owl chicks have moved quite some distance away from the camera now we have decided to close the camera for the season. It has been an amazing few weeks. Thanks to the viewers, and the Owl Research Institute for making this cam so enjoyable. You can check out more explore cams at their site . Click 'More...' for further information about the great work of the Owl Research Institute. 

July 29, 2014

Hellgate Osprey Nestlings will not be Banded

Montana Osprey Project Leader Erick Greene explains that they do not plan to band the Hellgate Osprey nestlings as part of their study this year. This particular nest is used primarily as an educational nest for the study. Click 'More...' for further detail. 

July 28, 2014

Return of the Pileated Woodpecker

We haven't seen the Pileated Woodpecker for a while and now it returns to load up on suet. For more information on one of the most striking and largest woodpeckers in North America check out For more information on Blue Jays check out Click 'More...' for information on the feeders and feed. Details regarding the large cage feeder can be found here 

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