The Cornell Hawks Have Three Eggs!


Big Red and Arthur begin another breeding season above Cornell University's campus.

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April 19, 2019

Younger Owlet Tries To Swallow Mouse Whole

Watch the two Barred Owl nestlings spar for the rights to a mouse delivery. The youngest owlet prevails, but the mouse is too big to swallow whole.  

April 19, 2019

Early Morning Frog Delivery At Barred Owl Box

An adult Barred owl dangles a frog delivery in the nest box. Watch one of the owlets grab the meal and stash it for later. This frog is one of the first that we've seen delivered this year; it's another testament to the varied diet of these forest predators.  

April 19, 2019

Adult Barred Owl Delivers Frog To Box

Enjoy an outside view of a frog delivery to the Barred Owl nesting box.