Hummingbirds Are Back In West Texas!


Watch over a dozen species of hummingbirds swirl around the feeder in the Davis Mountains.

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June 18, 2018

Red-tailed Hawk Fledgeling Makes Swooping Flight Over Campus

Watch two siblings hang out on the nestling platform rail before one hops down to the nest and the other makes a swooping flight over campus!  

June 18, 2018

Sunrise Fish Delivery By Louis On Hellgate Osprey Cam

Louis got started early this week. Watch the first fish of the day arrive at the nest before 6:00 AM!  

June 18, 2018

California Condor Chick Casts A Pellet

The Hutton's Bowl condor chick regurgitated a pellet of indigestible material this morning on the floor of the nesting cavity. In contrast to the daily casting of pellets seen in many raptorial birds, California Condors cast pellets infrequently, presumably because the species feeds almost exclusively on soft tissues and rarely ingests indigestible materials such as hair or feathers. Nevertheless, a few pellets can often be found in nests, and fresh pellets often have a greenish hue. Pellets tend to be formed exclusively of hair, although the frequent presence of macerated vegetation has also been noticed in pellets cast by immatures.