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April 27, 2015

Midday Owlet Views

The two downy owlets, eyes still closed, are left for about 15 minutes during the daytime. After a few minutes of contentedly bobbing heads and yawning, the adults can be heard hooting in the background. Soon after, the female returns to the nest to brood.  

April 27, 2015

Barn Owl Female Tries to Catch a Fly

Dottie's incubation of her 6 eggs is disturbed by a fly in the box. Watch as she attempts to catch it.  

April 23, 2015

Stan Delivers Half a Tree!

Osprey are described as “Prodigious builders”. It is generally the male that brings the bulk of material to the nest, the female arranges it once there. They may break dead sticks off nearby trees in flight or (more often) snatch from them from the ground. The nest is generally constructed from large sticks (about 2–4 cm diameter; up to 1+ m length) at the base, with smaller sticks and a great variety of grass, algae, flotsam, and jetsam from there. As the nest nears completion, they appear to shift markedly to flat objects: paper/plastic bags, mats of algae, bark, etc. No doubt an attempt to line the nest with material that keeps eggs from falling into the cracks. 

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