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October 30, 2014

Gross of Evening Grosbeaks

Although they are songbirds by lineage, Evening Grosbeaks do not have regular songs. They may rarely give short, uneven warbles. In this clip we hear sweet, piercing calls and burry chirps. 

October 29, 2014

Coyote Halloween Howls

Our male parent pops his head out of the nest box as the local Coyotes howl nearby. Did you know that the latin name for Coyote is Canis latrans, which actually means "barking dog"? And as we can hear they are certainly living up to their name. This may be a small family group lead by a breeding female.  

October 28, 2014

Dad Consumes Another Molting Feather

Some bird species have been known to consume feathers during molt. One study in particular looking at Great Crested Grebes suggested that ingested feathers, in the absence of other indigestible matter, contribute substance to the stomach content, enabling the formation of pellets that can be ejected. It is thought that the habit of regularly ejecting the stomach contents minimizes the chance that any serious population of gastric parasites will build up. Could the feathers consumed by the owls have a similar function? 

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