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Barn Owls Are Fledging!


So far, three owlets have left the box, then returned. When will the fourth step outside? Watch Cam

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July 04, 2015

Third Youngest Owlet Fledged (video highlights)

The third youngest owlet flew for the first time just after sun down. The two oldest owls have been flying around the roof of the open air pavilion and in this clip the third youngest joined its siblings for the first time. Taking off from the roof of the box and returning in a less graceful manner.  

July 03, 2015

Stan and Iris Are Still Around

Both Stan and Iris are still in the area. They have been spotted together both on the cam and by birders on the ground. They have been fishing together, carrying twigs and bathing in the river together. Cam operators have noticed a pair of osprey building a nest on the nearby stadium lights, we are not yet certain if the pair is Stan and Iris and the nest a possible 'frustration nest'. We will keep you posted. 

June 29, 2015

Two Oldest Owlets Fledge (video highlights)

The two oldest owlets flew for the first time late Sunday night, June 28. Watch out for the quick mouse delivery from Dad Casper towards the end of this clip. 

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